Self reliance

I have been working on my stuff for a while now, of course nothing will replace good old "employment", but this shit is most of the time not fulfilling, meetings leading nowhere, short-circuiting actual progress, waiting for feedback that are more confusing than really helping, often contradictory with other "directions", which make companies quite over-rated in a way, too many cooks and stupid authorities killing the creative process.. I named it the "confused team" syndrome, a friend call it "death by committee", you get the idea...

So anyway, my projects are getting together-ish, I'm not claiming to be building the next GTA or Elder scroll, but I find that it evolved quite in the right direction, not being restricted by a whole team, usually bringing not much..

I realised as well, that after so many years, playing with the different tools, and technologies, I finally can do most things, not perfectly obviously, but well enough to be independent, like most of us in the indie eco-system.. and what I never really did, makes sense to actually learn more about today!
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