I am amazed

Written on 2014, aug 25th, published as is on 2017, feb 23rd
not in a good way...

and yeah you're gonna say, "oh you and you're geugle (french prononciation)"...

but let me explain my point of view:

  1. Privacy, FB has never been and will never be about privacy, the whole point is to get your data and they dont provide another service or whatever, it's all about social relations, and that's how they make their money.
  2. Ads, they have been trying to push you sh*t based on your info, which is so 2000, and they can't even do it right.. ads on the side, ads in your stream, where's your content!? really!
  3. Ethical, it's so full of shit, the whole platform is just about stalking people.. what they do, what they listen to, where they are, with whom.. it's not about what people share voluntarily, and most of the time, what they actually share is not interesting, it's full of selfies, cats and other stuff, dont get me wrong, most of the time it's entertaining.. for 5 minutes..
  4. Ghost town, you most of the time complain about the "ghost town" G+ is, it's like racial jokes, it's fun the first 20 times, after that it gets annoying.. add only 15 people on FB and it'll be more boring than G+
  5. Users, "no one is using it ehhh", i'm on it, you're on it, youtube users are on it, drive users are on it, android users are on it, who's not "on it"? it just about you sharing stuff, and checking it, that's all.
  6. Stockholm syndrome, yeah that's the people that dont want to leave FB because even if it's annoying, with ads, unreliable, unethical, full of stalkers, annoying to manage pages etc... they still dont want to open the door! go get a psy.
  7. Transition, you are on FB, twitter, pinterest, tumblr all the crap you want, but you dont even give it a go... afraid of seeing something that is not about what you should buy next?
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