Artificial growth

Written on 2015, feb 22nd, published as is on 2017, feb 23rd
Leveraging what you've built before by refining it is really important to improve your old products.

Taking that example of Google, refining the way they manage energy on their Android device, to give them a better autonomy is a win-win context. Google offer better product time after time, and previous customers benefits from it by having a product they can use for a longer period of time, postponing the "expiration date" that every tech product has.

Some companies do totally the contrary to generate "growth" artificially, that is NOT an ethical behaviour and should not be encourage! That is something customers should incite by basing their purchase on those kind of comparison instead of just following the trend.

Here is a video about that subject, you will discover that some products went from long lasting to see their lifetime reduce to nothing just in that purpose of infinite growth.

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