The Dark Side of Design

Written on 2015, dec 15th, published as is on 2017, feb 23rd

Design.. a big word that doesnt say much, but says a lot at the same time.

It can be software design, graphic design, infrastructure design, user experience design, everything and nothing at the same time...

Some people assume design apply just to the pretty things: "uhhh the design of the new iDesign is so beautiful" or "I really love the design of that car".. Well, not only.

Design is to "decide upon the look and functioning of (a building, garment, or other object), by making a detailed drawing of it."

What would be the point to "design" if it was not to solve any problems? Worse, is design worth it if all that matters to the designer is for it to be pretty, and by doing so, creating problems to serve that purpose?

No, indeed, design is not easy, if it was everyone would do it. But that implies that designers need to know about what they're designing, and create in order to make the actual production easier, by avoiding some problems before they appear.
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