Karangi shipwreck

This week i went to have a walk close to the Sydney Olympic Park. Can you imagine those games where 13 years ago? I hardly do!

Anyway.. I went there because I wanted to see a shipwreck being there for over 40 years. The ship itself was made in 1941, and went to war shortly after the construction has been finished.

It's a cute walk, easy to get there by train and to get to the park. I guess not so many people get there, especially during autumn, so it was a bit empty, but more enjoyable from my point of view :)

I got a coffee and a wrap and then walked toward the wreck. You can see birds and spiders all along the way. Quite fresh but so enjoyable because of the warn sun! Few people were riding their bikes, such a good place for that!

I did not really take any pics of the wreck itself it seems but here's the video!

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