Does Internet is good for a "good" economy ?

Before we couldnt compare prices so much, gadgets were taking ages to come from overseas, cant search for a better paid job that easily..

Question : But how can a company afford to pay its employees more, while selling products and services at a cheaper price ?
Answer : By reducing the quality, by buying at a cheaper price (third-world), asking more work from their employees ect...

Consequences : Third-world going poorer, employees getting more tired, less healthy, having more shitty products, that we have to change more often..

Is it what WE want ? I don't think so..

Q : But who created that ?

A : It's companies' leaders who wanted a bigger salary and decided to charge more for a same (or lower) quality
C : so as a good example everyone is willing more, want bigger $$, to spend more on shittier things that they dont need

Q : is it something that could change ?!
A : I dont think so..
C : we're fucked !

Q : Does the people at the top of the pyramid have an influence ?!
A : I totally think so..
C : but we first need a global wake-up call, and that we all work in the same direction : forget that..
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