Is the information-flooded society killing us?

Nowadays, you're expected to be so many things at the same time, it's confusing, tiring, and probably lead to schizophrenia (that's my new self-diagnosed excuse to why stuff have not been working out lately, but yet again, maybe I'm just surrounded by dickheads and taking things to seriously importantly)

On your new resume you need to prove that you can:
do everything and dont cost a damn penny,
be serious and funny,
be humble but confident,
have tact but be honest,
be accepting when no one is,
be chill but super-efficient,
be yourself, but do as you're told, you get the pattern...
It's just a nightmare for those who take the feedback they're being given. So you overthink everything, feel overwhelmed and feel like nothing you do is right, or normal..

Are we building a future where we'll be "healthy" physically (yeah swallow that protein shake) but totally destroyed mentally?
Are we annihilating our development by trying to be everything at the same time, and finally not being anything at all..

As an example, this post is written in a silly way, made to be funny, but it's demonstrating the self-hatred one can have as she comments about the "love thyself" kinda quotes: She tries to get people to relativise about they're own negative inside speech, but doesn't bring any clear-correct-final answers..

It's either you love yourself, force to stop those negative thoughts about your doings, and just become a careless arrogant self-imbued dick, or make a point to learn and change, adapt every day and feel forever like a piece a shit, blaming yourself about everything that you judge doing wrong (even if it's probably not your fault).

And that leads us to wonder:

Is that part of the lessons of life? Accepting that "there is no final answer"? And if there's no answer, is there no question?

I believe it's in the intention, you cant be what you want to be if you keep wanting to be something else, or someone else.. Stop trying to please everyone, that'll never work out..
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