What if WE were the problem ?

Question : why couldn't we act in France the same way we do somewhere else ?

After living in Québec, I've found that things were easier, find a flat, a job, go out, restaurants, open a bank account (yeah 15 minutes with no rendez-vous and it's done) ect... and then I moved to Australia.. and there same experience : easy, a bit expensive because of the currency, but we cant control that, and it's not aussies' fault, neither the government's (just the american's one finally lol)

And there, traveling a bit, while in Alice Springs, that question comes to me ! is that my fault ? our fault ?

It though about that when I was wondering how so many french people were able to travel that much if they dont have any cash ? because there are french people everywhere !!! even in Alice springs, lost place in the middle of the furthest country ever ! please explain me how !

So yeah in my mind, it's the society's fault, governments', whatever... but could it be just a perception's issue ?
Is my biggest challenge, if I go back to France, would be to deal with problems the same way I did in Canada and Australia ?

What do you think ? Just being far from France that long made me forget problems (what i though it was the first times i went back) or did it makes me realize that I could play with my own rules ?
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