Alternative life?

A friend, that i talk about society and other stuffs with, asked me if the year that I spent in Australia made me find a way to live in a way more alternative... and even if we spoke about that before, I've started to think about it again to be able to give her an updated answer.

Indeed I've learned a lot during this year, about other ways to live, other ways to "work", but I've learned that you can't totally leave that society because even if you don't buy the last gadget, follow the last trend, you still need to, at least, pay your taxes, and if you want a minimum of comfort, which is understandable, you'll have to pay for some energy sometime...

So, being a hippie is not the easiest thing to do nowadays! You'll always need to either work for a bit of money,or have a kind of business whatever it is.. the question is, which one will fit with that kind of life style, more relax, more social, maybe "greener", less boring than a office or shop job...

I got quite an idea at the moment.. but I'm not sure it'd work well in France's (Europe's?) economic situation that's getting worse and worse.. and people won't be able to cut the rope with their small habits, prefabbed by TV brainwashing machine.. they forgot that living is "experiencing something new" and not "buying something new"..

Do you have any comments? Suggestions?
Here's a picture I took this morning in Sarina btw :)

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